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Shooting Experience

Michael Marelli was a Top 10 contestant on the History Channels - Top Shot. He is currently a Court Officer residing in New York. Michael has won several state titles in trap and skeet. He also won two bronze medals in the Junior World Skeet Championships. (Read More)
Micheal Marelli

Long Island Topshots specializes in multiple types of hand guns, riffles, shotguns, semi-automatic and manual. (Read More)

No gun? No problem! Gun rental and safety instruction all included.

Nathanael Chang, Engineer
I just came home from the Four Day Defensive Handgun training, and in short, I am blown away by everything. Al Marelli was my instruction and he is top notch, the facilities were great, the staff was professional and personable, the lectures opened my eye, the drills, simulations, steel shoot, hostage targets... all really helped.
Dick Eastley, Software Product Engineer
LITS will get you better each day; you'll become safe, competent, and ready to defend yourself and family. I find it great for 15 to 25-year-olds, to teach them situational awareness, which is very maturing. I have started a program to get my nephews and nieces through the 4-Day Defensive Handgun class. Every young woman will be better off attending the course prior to heading off to college. 'Even if they don't plan to have a firearm."
George Xanthaky, Insurance Broker
We have already convinced friends to signup for Long Island Topshots. We are planning to bring family members to sign up for the classes. We have told many of our friends and even strangers about quality of Long Island Topshots classes. You are the best thing that happened to our country and our preservation of the second amendment. I wish you all good fortune and success.