Alvin Marelli

Alvin Marelli
Al Marelli’s passion and undeniable skill for shooting started at a young age, and provided him a strong foundation for his long and distinguished career of 60 plus years.

From 1950-1955, Al served in the military as NCO Staff Sergeant where he received specialized training with marksmanship units in Fort Benning, Georgia and Quantico, Virginia. He shot in the rifle division in the Olympics, holds numerous titles statewide and nationally in all phases of firearms, and won first place among 8000 participants at the “Grand American” Ohio World Title. Al is a Lifetime Member of the NRA, ATA, NSSA for Skeet and Sporting Clays, and a NRA Certified Instructor for Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun. His training experience is vast in all areas of law enforcement, including the police, FBI, and Homeland Security. Al is also a wilderness guide with experience hunting birds, ducks, and big game.

Al most recent ‘claim to fame’ is from his grandson’s success as a contestant on the History Channel’s ‘Top Shot’ competition reality show. Al has been Michael Marelli’s personal trainer, mentor, and shooting coach since Michael was just 9 years old. Michael, a New York State Supreme Court Officer and certified shotgun, rifle, and pistol instructor owes all his shooting accomplishments both on and off the range to his grandfather Al.

Michael is the recipient of over 15 state and national titles in skeet and trap, and has been awarded a "Pistol Master" commendation and firearms proficiency award from the state of New York.

Al’s coaching success with his grandson has led him to become one of the world’s most sought-after instructors. He is serious about your game continue to train some of the leading shooters in the state and beyond.

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