Our Training Facility - Long Island Shooting Range of Brookhaven

Long Island Top Shots is fully equipped for all phases of target shooting including TRAP, SKEET , PISTOL, AND RIFLE SHOOTING AT UP TO 200 yards.


Our range is highly-maintained with beautiful natural features perfect for an interesting and enjoyable shooting experience regardless of your gun choice or experience level. We train with all calibers of rifles and pistols, but specialize in Glock and Beretta, and Colt and Springfield armory. We train in all 4 gauges of shotgun: 12, 20 28, and .410.

Today’s skeet field varies little from its 1920 beginnings. It has eight shooting stations and two trap houses. Seven of the stations are arranged in a half moon between the two trap houses, and one station is directly between them. Skeet is shot in squads of up to five shooters. They move from station to station around the half moon, ending up in the center, at the end of the round. Any gauge shotgun may be used, of any type, as long as it can fire at least two shots. The preferred shot size is 9, but nothing larger than 7½ should ever be used. Since strength is not a factor, women are able to compete equally with men. Left-handed shooters do just as well as right.


Trapshooting was developed in England late in the 18th century. The first targets were live pigeons, which were released from cages known as traps. Platter-shaped clay pigeons were developed in about 1870. The subsequent introduction of standardized traps facilitated nationwide competition.
Trapshooting competition takes three forms: singles, handicap, and double-target shooting. In all three the targets are hurled from one trap, and 12-gauge shotguns are used.

Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe use of a rifle in target shooting. students will learn the NRA rules for safe gun handling, rifle parts and operation, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, range rules, shooting from multiple positions, bench or prone. As well as proper cleaning of the firearm.

This practical self-defense handgun course introduces the participant to the Fundamentals of Firearms Safety, along with the skills necessary to properly handle a revolver and semi-automatic pistol. You will learn what a handgun will do, what it won't do, and why it works the way it works. The hands-on training will start with Proper Stance and Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Control.
Class will progress to rapid fire/combat shooting and multi-target drills with life-size paper silhouette targets. The student will fire 250 rounds, and receive the same basic training that a police officer receives at the Academy, except focused on self-defense.